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  Contender, Rondar

Contender jolle til kapsejlads med ophalervogn. Har vundet DM er par gange.

Er rigget med alu mast men der medfølger også en kulfiber mast.

 Pris  15.000 DKK

Morten R

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Contender,  Joachim Harpprecht


According to Soren (DEN-1) this is the fastest of all the Joachim Happrecht contenders ever build!

Soren was the first owner and its was build specifically for him, the build quality is particular perfect and

the boat was build with focus on centralizing the weight both fore and aft but also keeping the center of gravity as low as possible.

Soren did all the mounting of the fittings and made sure all the control lines etc. runs smooth and perfectly.

The position of fittings etc is exactly as Soren has it on his current racing boat.

Most ropes and elastic has been replaced during 2019/2020

Soren sold the boat to me in 2017 as he was recovering from a cervical herniated disc operation.

So the boat was not used much until I bought it in June 2017


Boat is complete and ready to race.


All the geeky details:

  •   Building year/month april-2016
  •   White hull and deck with black progrip  Minimum weight with correctors, heavy mainsheet tower to centralize weight futher
  •   100% perfect friction based centerboard control system
  •   100% Weight optimized boat
  •   100% waterproof
  •   All blocks, cleats etc is Harken, Ronstan or Selden. Carefully selected based on what brand does the best job.
  •   All ropes are spectra and optimized for size and strength.
  •   Harken mainsheet swivel (working self-turning system)
  •   Super Lightweight Aluminum trolley, perfectly balanced and makes lifting the boat a joy.
  •   Puncture free wheels (not the ones shown on pictures
  •   2019 top cover in gret condition.
  •   1 * Elvstroem sail for training
  •   Carbon Bonezzi Carbon Boom
  •   CST carbon mast, suits sailors between 80-100 kg
Located in Hellerup, Copenhagen